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Distributors for retail and institutional investors

Distributor Registered Office Web site Paying Agent
Allfunds Bank SA Via Santa Margherita 7
I - 20121 Milano
www.allfundsbank.com Allfunds Bank SA
Banca Galileo SpA Corso Venezia 40
I-20121 Milano
www.bancagalileo.it State Street Bank SpA
Banca Ifigest SpA Piazza S. Maria Soprarno 1
I - 50125 Firenze
www.bancaifigest.it BNP Paribas Securities Services SpA
Gruppo Banca Leonardo SpA Via Broletto 46
I - 20121 Milano
www.bancaleonardo.com Allfunds Bank SA
Banca Profilo SpA Corso Italia 49
I - 20122 Milano
www.bancaprofilo.it BNP Paribas Securities Services SpA
Cassa Lombarda SpA Via A. Manzoni 12/14
I - 20121 Milano
www.cassalombarda.it BNP Paribas Securities Services SpA
Online Sim SpA Piazza De Angeli 9
I-20146 Milano
www.onlinesim.it BNP Paribas Securities Services SpA
Banque Degroof Luxembourg 12, rue Eugène Ruppert
L - 2453 Lussemburgo
www.degroof.be Banque Degroof Luxembourg
KBL Luxembourg European Private Bankers SA 43, boulevard Royal
L - 2449 Lussemburgo
www.kbl.lu Banque Degroof Luxembourg
Mutual Funds Exchange Linnégatan 9-11
11447 Stoccolma (Svezia)
www.mfex.com MFEX Stoccolma
Privat Bank Degroof SAU Avenida Diagonal 464
Barcellona (Spain)
www.privatbank.es Banque Degroof Luxembourg
RBC Dexia IS Luxembourg 14, Porte de France
L-4360 Esch-sur-Alzette (Lussemburgo)
www.rbcis.com RBC Dexia Luxembourg


Legal and Paying Agent for Switzerland; Landolt & Cie SA, chemin de Roseneck 6, CH-1006 Lausanne.

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